Six tips for managing osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is said to be a silent disease that causes the bones to be brittle and weak. Unluckily, it only becomes evident after getting a bone fracture. It can cause chronic bone pain, poor posture, and height loss. Osteoporosis has no visible symptoms as it silently sneaks on you without giving any warning. The illness is widespread in men and women above fifty. The following pointers will help you in managing osteoporosis to increase the quality of your life.


Eat leafy greens


Your diet plays a significant role in helping prevent osteoporosis. Nutritional experts recommend that you should include leafy greens like spinach, kale, and the likes. They are rich in calcium that is necessary for proper bone health. Besides, they contain other nutrients like vitamin A, iron and fiber. Try including spinach in your smoothies and other meals to increase your intake.


Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking


Research has shown that drinking alcohol and smoking hurts your bone health. These two lifestyle habits are linked to many other diseases and quitting is the only way to avoid them. Those who smoke cigarettes and alcohol then you will have weak bones and your chances of getting exercise-related injuries like sprains or fractures are very high. While most people find that quitting smoking is a challenging task, its worth noting that you are at risk of getting osteoporosis and you must do your best to stop smoking as soon as possible.


Get more vitamin D


Researchers show that vitamin D plays a significant role in the absorption of calcium in the body. This will reduce the chances of your bones becoming weak or getting rickets. Even a little exposure to the sun every day, especially in the morning, is enough to help your body to produce sufficient vitamin D. If you are living in areas that have low temperatures or during winter months, you should consider using high-quality vitamin D supplements.


Sidestep soda


If you like drinking soda then its time to kick that habit to the trash can. Cola has a detrimental effect on your teeth as well as your bones. In fact, research has shown that those who take soda every day have a lower bone density. The phosphoric acid that is present is cola is suspected to promote the loss of calcium from teeth. Additionally, caffeine is also alleged to reduce the absorption of calcium in the body.


Consume more nuts


Apart from containing healthy fats, nuts also provide lots of calcium and protein that is necessary for healthy bones. It’s true that protein deficiency in senior citizens can also cause the reduction of bone mass. So you should consider including more walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts just to mention a few in your diet.





Strength training is proper for building muscle, shedding weight and creating healthy bones. Its worth noting that you don’t require a gym membership for jogging, walking, climbing stairs or doing push-ups. So feel free to create time in your busy schedule to work out. Training will help to strengthen your bones and improve bone density.…