Using lower back support pillows fills the gap between the chair and the lower spine. The support keeps in alignment the head, neck, shoulders and the lower back.


Relieves lower back pain

ladyLower back support pillows plays a very important role in reducing or preventing pain, tension, and discomfort in that area of the body. This kind of pain may be caused by sitting for a long period where the low back muscles tense and the tension becomes the pain.

Provides support

These pillows are designed to provide support not only to your lower back but also to your neck and head. Since a body is made up of several parts, support to one of them means support to all the connected parts hence general body support.

Provides comfort

The support pillows supporting the lumbar giving you a feeling of comfort since it keeps the body relaxed. A person using this pillow can enjoy sound and healthy sleep.

Improves posture

Through proper alignment, the pillow is able to relieve any pressure or tension in the involved muscles. Also, the individual is able to maintain improved posture while sitting down. This helps in avoiding physical effects of poor body posture.

It is natural healing method

Using these pillows to alleviate pain or correct posture is 100% natural. It is also a non-invasive and non-surgical technique and so a user does not worry about any side effects.

Who can use lower Back support pillows?

pregnantAny person who wants to maintain good body posture while still enjoying comfort can use this pillow. It is also very effective for use by people suffering from spinal disorders. Please note that, for better support, you may choose pillows which are filled with buckwheat or grain among other firm materials. Pillows filled with feather materials may be used for leisure or non-medical issues. Pregnant women and other individuals who may be dealing with lower back pain would benefit a lot by using these pillows.

How to use it

It is very important to learn how to use a support pillow. You should be able to place it at the right height. A higher than the recommended height could cause strained muscle at the neck or lower back. On the other hand, if the height is lower than the recommended height, the neck or the back may suffer from a muscle strain.