Herzlich willkommen

... on our new website! We´ve "overhauled" our homepage and hope that you´ll like it.

Here it´s all about the Syncro and its natural habitat. We want to support you for the great activities like travelling, offroading, modifications and offer you:

  • Spare parts, accessories, modifications, offroad equipment
  • Support for selling and buying a Syncro-, T3/T25- or other cars (inspections, technical cheks, detailled reporting, negotiations, contracting etc.)
  • International shipments of cars incl. customs declarations, document handling, insurance, stowing, disinfection etc.


Still we´re not offering a Webshop, as there is always something to be explained and clarified, also there is nothing comparable than personal contacts. Therefore please send us an E-Mail with the required parts or your enquiries so that we can prepare your individual quotation.

Payments can be made by bank transfer (national, or with IBAN and BIC within Europe) o via  PayPal(international).